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Automatic Water Leveller Swimming Pool Spa Portable Easy to fit ? NO tools required Fit to standard garden hose ? fills pool automatically Reduce risk of pump running dry Perfect for rental and holiday homes or whilst you are away on holidays The Aqua Level automatic water leveller will guards your pool water from dropping below your skimmer level, running your pump dry and preventing damage to pool equipment. Stop manually checking your pool's water level, let the auto leveller do that for you. Set your Aqua Level Automatic water leveller and forget! Features: Easy connection - includes standard garden hose fitting Fully adjustable - 300mm deep water level control Fully portable ? Easily moved on or off the pool Not applicable for above ground pools - does not include clamp Automatic - Fills pool automatically when water level is low Quick installation - Anyone can install in minutes Equipment Protection - Protects pump from running dry and failing

Water Leveller - Aqua Level Port

SKU: P05HC018
  • How to use: Remove components from box and follow instructions on how to assemble Connect garden hose to the rear of the unit Adjust float to desired water level Place Aqua Level on the coping of the pool Turn on water supply to the unit Asses desired float height and adjust accordingly