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Vacuum Plate Waterco Nally S75 Aussie Gold Generic
Vacuum Plate
Suits Waterco Nally S75 / F Flo
Aussie Gold Generic Plate
Made with high quality and durable material, this vacuum plate guarantees to bring your cleaner back to life. Fits all Waterco, Nally, Fulflo & S75 skimmer boxes.
Diameter: 273mm
Includes O Ring
3-lugged plate
Suits: Waterco, Nally, Fulflo & S75 Skimmers
Professional high quality material
Durable UV & chemical resistant PVC construction

Vacuum Plate - Waterco S75

SKU: P02VP003
  • A faulty vacuum plate is a common cause of vacuums not working, not sucking or not moving around your pool effectively Air leaks or bad seals will result in poor vacuum performance Therefore replace your vacuum plate before it effects your vacuum system