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2 in 1 Pool & Spa Water Test Kit


Chlorine/Bromide PLUS pH Testing Kit

Pool Test Kit 2 in 1 includes everything you need for chlorine/bromide and pH testing.


Test kits ae a key tool for managing your water quality in your pool & spa.

Our 2 in 1 kit provides easy and accurate testing for key water quality of chlorine and pH.

Maintain your pool water to high hygiene standards and protect your equipment and overall pool environment. Comes beautifully packed in storage pack to protect the testing kit. Test easily for Chlorine / Bromine (protect against bacteria and algae) plus pH Testing (acid or alkaline content in pool & spa water).


The 2-in-1 kit includes:

  • 1 x Reagent
  • 1 x Test vile
  • 20 x DPD 1 tablets
  • Instructions, easy to read colour chart


Provides a simple and easy way to measure pH and chlorine levels Convenient, sturdy blue PVC storage case Chemical resistant plastic case Easy to use

Water Test Kit 2 in 1 Aussie Gold

SKU: P13SR005
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