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Skimtrol vacuum plate adjustable control automatic swimming pool Nally Waterco
Suits Nally & Fulflo Skimmer Boxes
A vacuum plate is required when using a manual OR automatic pool cleaner is your swimming pool
A Skimtrol vacuum plate is used as a replacement for your standard vacuum plate.  
The Skimtrol includes an adjustable pressure (suction control) valve to moderate the flow of suction to your pool cleaner which will adjust the speed and suction of you manual or automatic pool cleaner
Adjusting the valve will increase or decrease your swimming pool?s ability to skim from the surface or vacuum you pool and therefore the speed of the vacuum. 
The Skimtrol speed control value is a genius solution to controlling the speed of your vacuum and will allow surface skimming to continue whilst vacuuming
Plate size is approx 213mm x 245mm
Suitable for use Baracuda, Questa, Keepy Krauly, Poolvac and most other automatic cleaners

Skimtrol Plate - Nally/Fulflo Genuine

SKU: P02VP004
  • A faulty vacuum plate is a common cause of vacuums not working, not sucking or not moving around your pool effectively Air leaks or bad seals will result in poor vacuum performance Therefore replace your vacuum plate before it effects your vacuum system
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