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Silicone sealant adhesive RTV no shrink mould resistant 85gr 31310 JB weld clear
Clear Silicone All Purpose RTV 85g
Product Code: #31310
100% Silicone Sealant & Adhesive
JB Weld Clear Silicone Sealant & Adhesive is a general purpose sealant adhesive, RTV Silicone designed for use in household or mechanical assembly applications. 
Upon curing, which occurs when the product is exposed to the moisture in air, the silicone forms a tough, waterproof, mildew and mould resistant seal on most surfaces.
JB Silicone will not shrink or crack, resists weathering, is sensor safe and is great for many household and automotive applications.
Set time - One hour
Its waterproof, mould and mildew resistant
No shrink formula which will cure clear
Perfect for use on:
Silicone Sealants
Gasket Makers
And More

JB Weld Clear Silicone 85g

SKU: P08TR013
  • Further, JB Weld Silicone is also great for: Windscreens Windows Lens Housing Door Frames Tub & Shower Aquariums Drive Housing Oven Doors
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