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H2 hydrogen rich meter kedida ORP dissolved hydrogen concentration water test
Portable electronic testing meter to measure the concentration of molecular hydrogen in water.
This meter instrument is based on the reduction property of hydrogen and uses the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) in the water as a measurement principle to convert the dissolved hydrogen concentration.  
The meter uses analytical technology and a high-sensitivity platinum sensor to make hydrogen measurement simple.
Factory calibrated and ready for use.
Ideal water temp for measurement is approx. 30? for best production of hydrogen for testing
Measuring range 0-2400 ppb
LCD liquid crystal double display hydrogen rich measurement value and temperature value
10 minutes automatic shutdown function
Measurement data lock function
Small size, light weight, easy to carry
Electrode replacement is convenient and fast
Uses 4x DC 1.5 V LR-44 batteries

H2 Meter with Case

SKU: P13WT009
  • The electrode sensor of this instrument is made of platinum ? offering a large contact area with water providing ultimate performance stability and reliability. Technical Parameters Display screen LCD, size : 20 mm x 27 mm Measuring range H2 0-2400 ppb /0-2.400 ppm Resolution 2ppb/0.002ppm Precision ? 10ppb/ ? 0.01 ppm temperature display 0.1 ? Operating temperature 0 ?50 ? size 188 x 38mm weight 82 g
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