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Crystal Clear CC40EC Salt Water Pool Chlorinator Cell Replacement Self Clean RP
Generic Replacement Cell
Product Specifications
RP (Reverse Polarity cell)
9 Solid Plates made from 1mm Titanium
Each plate 200mm long
Salt output 40 g/hr
Resin filled caps to prevent water leak
Premium electrodes
Solid plate Cathode & solid plate Anode
UV stable material to withstand sun and temperatures
Replaces old cell with no adjustments
No alteration to plumbing - screws straight into your existing unions
Operate in air temps -20deg C to +60deg C
Operate in water temps +12deg C to 40deg C

Crystal Clean CC40EC Self Clean Cell (order)

SKU: P07SN064
  • Quality Built Cells 2 years FULL warranty 25 years of manufacturing experience Made in Australia
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