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Supa Vac water maintenance

Underwater Vacuum water maintenance kit with Venturi Pump Fitting

Perfect for pools, spas, hot tubs, ponds, fountains, water features, pool steps and swim-outs.

The unique Supa-Vac design allows you to quickly clean or empty virtually any water fixture. ie. above ground pools (steps and swim-outs), spas, splashers and paddling pools, fountains, ponds and ornamental water features.

This kit includes the complete supa-vac vacuum for your pool or spa PLUS bonus additions of leaf net and venturi pump attachment.

Supa-Vac Maintenance Kit

SKU: P05HC020
  • Easy Clean Simply fit the Filter Sock to the rear of the Supa Vac with the retaining clip provided Slide the Supa-Vac head into any telescopic handle Connect your garden hose and turn on the tap. The venturi action will quickly vacuum the dirty waste material into the attached filter sock. Simple Empty Supa Vac provides a simple solution to the problem of how to empty any pool, pond or fountain which does not have a pump, filter or discharge equipment. It is also ideal for emptying spa pools which are not fitted with sufficient drainage equipment. Simply connect the Venturi Pump Attachment and fit any standard 19mm drainage house or clear tubing to the barbed fitting. Immerse the Supa-Vac below the water surface and turn on the tap. Water will be simply and quickly discharged to your selected area via the drainage hose The Supa Vac kit contains Supa Vac Underwater Vacuum with garden hose connection Venturi Pump Attachment (for emptying) Filter Sock (to collect debris) Filter sock retaining clip 2.5m Drainage hose (for emptying) 1.2 m telescopic pole Leaf Scoop Snap-in garden hose fitting Detailed instruction included
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