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Spa quip C50 1000 cartridge filter element spa magnum reemay cleaning Generic
Magnum spa cartridge to suit -  Spa quip C50
Generic Magnum Cartridge
Height: 300mm
Width: 143mm
Hole  52mm
Magnum Spa Filter Cartridges
Spa filter cartridges are NOT all the same.  Be sure to choose a quality cartridge and protect your spa equipment and your family with a clean pool.  We only supply quality Magnum spa cartridges.
Quality cartridges will cost you less in the long run and help protect your valuable spa equipment.
Magnum filter cartridges are made in New Zealand offering the highest quality cartridge on the market.  Don?t settle for second rate or bargain cartridges which simply don?t last or worst still simply don?t work.  Allow your spa to function at full potential and use quality Magnum cleaning cartridges.
Using high quality raw materials and the most up-to-to manufacturing machinery and processes, Magnum cartridges offer continuous filament made from Reemay spun-bond polyester filtration fabric which will reduce wear out.

Spa Quip C50 - Spa Cartridge

SKU: P03FT015
  • If you?re unsure on which cartridge is right for you please contact use and we will happily help. Critical information required to ensure you have the right cartridge, ideally is * Pool / spa make and model * Cartridge height (excluding handle) * Cartridge width * Hole size * Fitting type (handle, hole etc)