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Turns a home pool into an Olympic sized arena


Great way to improve all swimming strokes and general fitness.

Low Impact Training & Suits all pools.

Great for Swim Training & Exercise The Swim Sportz Swim Trainer is easy to use, will help improve any swim stroke and will tone your whole body quickly!


  • ROPE LENGTH - 4 Meters
  • ELASTIC BAND - 1 Meter HARNESS - 1 Meter
  • The Waist band is on a Velcro system and goes from approx 55cm on the smallest setting up to 110cm on the largest setting.
  • Swim Sportz Swim Trainer Belt - Swimming Harness - Stationary Swimming System.


Now you can improve your swimming without the hassle of travelling to the local pool. The Swim Trainer can be used in any size pool and will allow you to perform as if you were in an Olympic training pool.

Swim Trainer Sportzswim

SKU: P10SM001
    • Fasten the loop end of the extension rope to a secure point (e.g. pool fence).
    • f this rope is not long enough a longer one can easily be added. Snap-lock one end of the elastic stretch cord onto the extension rope and the other end onto the plastic self centering body harness.
    • ecure the Swim Trainer around the waist by threading the velcro strap back through the buckle and attaching.
    • The fit should be a little loose, but not loose enough to swim out of.
    • Step into the pool and slowly wade out until you feel the Swim Trainer take the strain and then start swimming.
    • If your feet come into contact with the cord or rope then adjust the loop to a higher position on the post or fence.
    • It is recommended to swim towards the deep end of the pool to avoid your stroke being impeded by the shallow end.
    • Stretching of the cord may occur through normal use but will not affect the performance of the Swim Trainer.
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