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JV-204 Jetvac vacuum tune up kit

Genuine Jet Vac part pool cleaner Genuine tune up kit for JetVac vacuum cleaner

Part Number JV-204


Tune up kit includes all part required for forward and reverse propulsion

Typically a tune up kit is required if your Jetvac is not reversing correctly, is sticking in corners for more than 3 minutes without reversing and has generally slowed down.

The tune up kit will allow replacement of the gears and propeller - the engine room of your Jetvac cleaner.

Kit Includes the following:

1 x JV8 propeller

1 x JV9 spacer

5 x Stainless steel Pins

4 x JV8 Gears

1 x Instruction for completion of tune up


Please read instruction carefully INCLUDING the procedure for returning the cleaner to the water after the maintenance is completed.

Jet-Vac Tune Up Kit

SKU: P05CP010
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