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DPD3 Total Chlorine or Bromine Tablets for Professional Pool & Spa Photometer Palintest


The Palintest DPD 3 Photometer pool water test tablets measure the level of combined chlorine (chloramines) in your spa or pool water.

Never miss a test again when you stock up on Pool water test tablets.

Photometer tablet reagents are available in Replacement Packs with 250 test tablets.

Keep your tablets up to date to ensure you get an accurate reading



Avoid touching the tablets with your fingers as this will lead to inaccurate results.

Colour matching must be done as soon as the tablets have dissolved in the water sample.

After each measurement, rinse the Testing Kit Container thoroughly to prevent errors by cross examination.

Use genuine Palintest test tablets with your Palintest Photometer Test Kit to ensure the most accurate test results are achieved.


Box contains 250 tablets


Caution: The reagent tablets are only to be used for chemical analysis The reagent tablets must not be used for any other purpose


Keep the tablets out of reach of children

DPD3 Palintest Tablets x 250

SKU: P13SR038
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