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2x Pool Water Clarifier Floc Cubes - 170g each
Including built-in Phosphate Remover & Skimmer Sock
Clarifying cubes provide excellent water clarity and a "fast no mess" alternative to conventional chemical treatments.
Just drop one into the pump or skimmer basket and watch the sparkle return to the water.
Perfect addition for sand filters.
Aussie Gold Water clarifier cubes include built-in phosphate remover PLUS free skimmer sock.
Each cube is 170grams each offering a longer life and exceptional value for money.
Each clarifier cube will slowly dissolved into your skimmer basket and filter throughout the pool system.  
Sub-micro particles (such as algae) in the water will be bound together and be captured by the skimmer sock.  
Further, the phosphate remover prevents algae from growing.  
This results in crystal clear water.  
2 x cubes will last up to 8 weeks and also provide enhanced chlorine efficiency.
Cubes are suitable for Chlorine & Saltwater pools.
NO NOT use in cartridge filters ONLY sand filters.

Crystal Pool Cubes - 2x 170gram (twin pack)

SKU: P08TR002
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