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Lochlor Chlorine Remover Swimming Pool Spa 1kg Concentrate


  • Chlorine remover will aid in reducing chlorine and bromine levels in pools and spas
  • Compatible with all other pool chemicals Results in hours
  • Highly concentrated


NOTE - Does not reduce chloramines or combined chlorine levels


Important Notes

  • This product is extremely potent
  • For domestic swimming pools only add one capful at a time
  • Do not use more than indicated as achieving a chlorine level will become very difficult
  • When using in a fibre glass pool, pre-dissolve in a bucket
  • Direct addition of Chlorine Remover can cause staining of fibre glass surfaces when the pool water is incorrectly balanced.


Dosage Table:


30,000 LT

50,000 LT

75,000 LT

100,000 LT

1.0 PPM

30 GM

50 GM

75 GM

100 GM

2.0 PPM

60 GM

100 GM

150 GM

200 GM

5.0 PPM

150 GM

250 GM

375 GM

500 GM

10.0 PPM

300 GM

500 GM

750 GM

1 KG


Chlorine Remover - 1 Kg

SKU: P08CM069
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