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Skimmer Socks Mega - Pack of 5


Large Swimming Pool Filter Socks

Aussie Gold Brand - Pack of 5


Suitable for medium, large over size skimmer baskets (such as Waterco Supa & Poolrite S2500).


These are pre-filter socks which you place into your skimmer basket at the pool.  Each sock will help to stop and trap more small debris and particles which would likely get through the skimmer into the pump basket.  Using skimmer socks will help reduce maintenance on your pump and filter and will generally reduce the number of times back washing may be required or filter cleaning.


** Special/Clearance pricing whilst imited stock last only.  Pricing subject to change. Buying limits apply. **

Skimmer Socks - Mega Size - Aussie Gold

SKU: P05SI002
    • Pack of 5 Mega Socks
    • Long Lasting Nylon Material
    • Extend Filter Cycles
    • Save on Filter Cleaning
    • Stops debris before it clogs your pump and filter
    • Reduces maintenance
    • Simple to clean

    Please note basket is not included.