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Aussie Gold Deluxe Floating Tablet Dispenser - Chlorine Bromine Control Release


Aussie Gold deluxe floating dispenser is designed to hold a reasonable content and last longer- no need to refill the float too often.  UV & Chemical resistant materials with patented design.


Key Features

  • Suitable for chlorine or bromine
  • Adjustable Chamber allows for controlled release of Chlorine
  • Holds 3 x 200g or 30 x 20g tablets
  • Do not mix chemicals
  • Variable dispensing control to reduce wastage
  • Child safe lid (push & turn)
  • Flexible for use with salt when necessary for that added boost or pump saving
  • Designed with calculated surface area to aid surface floating to dispense across pool
  • Does NOT include tablets


** Special/Clearance pricing whilst imited stock last only.  Pricing subject to change. Buying limits apply. **

Aussie Gold Floating Dispenser

SKU: P08TR001
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