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HPM timer analogue weatherproof pool spa pump lighting 24hr heavy duty 240v outdoor
Our HPM 24hour analogue timer is perfect for all your outdoor (or indoor) applications.
Ideal for pool motors and garden lights, the timer is easy to program, weatherproof (IP44) and is M40 being suitable for heavy duty motors.  This is not a weak, temporary timer.  You will not be disappointed
Designed to turn on and off in outdoor applications including pools and spa motors, garden and festive lighting, pumps, air conditioners, fans and heaters.
Will operate your appliances for a pre-set period of time through its easy and accurate programming functions.
Analogue outdoor timers Double Pole 24h IP44 heavy duty
Nominal voltage: 240V a.c. 50Hz
Nominal current: 10A
Maximum load: 2400W
Motor rating: M40
Weatherproof  IP434
On/off switches: Up to 48 each day
Switching increments: 30 minute

24hr Timer Heavy Duty HPM

SKU: P12TI015
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