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Ascon Raptor Robotic Pool Cleaner HJ3012 with Remote & Bluetooth

Cleaning your pool is fun and simple with our Raptor range of Robotic Pool Cleaners!


Intelligent pool cleaning at your fingertips. Let a Robot Raptor take the hard work out of cleaning your pool.  Built and developed with 50 years of electronic engineering excellence.

2 years manufacturer's warranty

Works INDEPENDANTLY of your pool existing filtration and skimmer box system.

Let your pool filer and cycle completely independent of the Raptor.


Raptor Cleaners Come STANDARD with

  • Wall and Stair Climbing capability
  • A full function remote control for spot cleaning
  • Sponge wheels suitable for ALL pool surfaces
  • Suitable for all in-ground pool types (Concrete, Fiberglass, Pebble-crete/Tiles) to 15m in length and 200m2

Raptor Robotic Pool Cleaner HJ3012

SKU: P05SC013
  • Check out these amazing list features

    • Manual or automatic mode options
    • Incredible 180 micron filtration rate
    • 2 easy-to-clean filter cartridges
    • Multiple cleaning programs to choose from
    • Remote & Bluetooth operation (via Apple/Android App control)
    • Choice of 1 / 2 / 3 hour cycle times
    • Obstacle detect & detour
    • Floor/Wall/Tile cleaning
    • 18m cable
    • Gravity & out of water sensors
    • Long life, strong PVC Brushes
    • 24V DC
    • Only 13.8kg dry weight
    • White/Blue/Grey combination in colour
    • 2 year warranty

    The Raptors powerful vacuum filter system will catch leaves, dirt, algae, fine particles and hair from your pools floor and walls. The filter boxes can be easily disassembled for quick cleaning and maintenance and ensuring that the Robots internal parts avoid any direct contact with dirt or debris. Raptor is equipped with multiple program options allowing the choice to scrub all your pools surfaces with precision.

    Choose floor mode only, wall mode only or floor & wall mode.

    Technical Specifications

    • Input Voltage 220v
    • Frequency 50Hz
    • Output Voltage 24v DC
    • Power 240w
    • Filtration 180 micron
    • Working Cycle 1 / 2 / 3 hours
    • Filtration Flow Rate (approx.) 20m3 /h

    Quick, efficient delivery right to your door at home or business. Images for explanation and display purposes only. Cleaners in stock for immediate delivery OR local pick-up

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