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CrystalClear Cartridge Filters are an economic alternative for water-conscious pool owner, with filter elements able to be cleaned and reused, meaning clean water without the cost of backwashing. Made from high quality materials, selecting the right cartridge filter is based on your pool size.


For small to medium sized swimming pools, the CrystalClear Cartridge Filters are easy to install and maintain. They are supplied with a pressure gauge to identify when cleaning is required, and are perfect for low flow pumping.


Models in the range:
39050 - max. flow 205 lpm
39075 - max. flow 270 lpm
39100 - max. flow 340 lpm
39150 - max. flow 450 lpm
39175 - max. flow 540 lpm
39225 - max. flow 670 lpm


Please refer to the documentation for all features and full technical specifications.

Davey Crystal Clear Cartridge Filter

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