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The Pool Cleaner 2 Wheel Swimming Pool Vacuum 11m Hose


  • Suitable for pools 10m x 4m
  • Includes 11m hose
  • Will pick up most lave and small debris
  • Suitable to assist in vacuuming of sand and silt


***  Contact us for pricing and availability today ***


***  This cleaner has fitted with wheel suitable for all pool surfaces EXCEPT tiles  ****
For TYILED pool surfaces please see other listing for The Pool Cleaner TiILED OR please contact us for further information


Patented Steering System
The PoolCleaner has a unique, patented steering system that enables it to clean pools of all shapes and sizes. The left wheel is set to reverse at intervals, turning the unit in different directions so it doesn’t get stuck in corners.


Patented Adjustable Skirts
The patented adjustable skirts have rollers that permit The PoolCleaner is to maintain optimal suction, even when faced with the most difficult obstacles.


Energy Saving Throat Insert
When using a variable speed pool pump, use the cleaner’s small throat insert to allow it to operate at the pumps low speed/flow, resulting in lower energy use and reduced running costs. Instructions are in the user manual.


Robust Tyre Treads
The PoolCleaner has patented tyre treads that ensure excellent climbing ability and the maneuverability to handle any obstacle, making it ideal for all pool shapes and surfaces. Special tyres are available for tiled pools.


Stainless Steel Wheel Bearings
Non corrosive, stainless steel ball bearings, minimises friction in wheels which improves torque to increase suction power.


Easy to Install
The PoolCleaner can be up and running in just a few minutes by following the easy instructions. Everything you need is in the box no tools or additional components are required.


copy of The PoolCleaner Swimming Pool Vacuum

SKU: P05SC039
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